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Happinet Phantom Studio

Side by Side

You meet him, know him, and think about him. Miyama (Kentaro Sakaguchi) is a young man who can see “someone’s thoughts” that do not exist before his eyes. He uses his mysterious power to heal… Read More »Side by Side

Baka Nuri no Musume

No matter what she tries, nothing the insecure Aoki Miyako (Hotta Mayu) does turns out well, and with no other interests, she ends up working at a supermarket to help support her family after high… Read More »Baka Nuri no Musume


Kakutani Michi (Baisho Chieko) is a 78 year old who lives modestly and alone after the passing of her husband. When she’s abruptly fired from the cleaning staff at a hotel because of her age,… Read More »PLAN 75