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Happinet Phantom Studio


A film adaptation of mystery novel “Uso” by author Kitakuni Koji.   Chisako, a picture book author had no choice but to return to the countryside to care for her ailing father, who has developed… Read More »Kakushigoto

Watakushi Domo wa

A woman with no memory of her past wakes up. Kii, who works as a cleaner at the mine, finds her collapsed inside the facility and takes her to a home that is already home… Read More »Watakushi Domo wa

Namibia no Sabaku

The story revolves around 21 year-old Kana, who has no idea what she wants from life and can’t find passion in anything. She lives with her boyfriend Honda, who takes care of her, but she… Read More »Namibia no Sabaku

Side by Side

You meet him, know him, and think about him. Miyama (Kentaro Sakaguchi) is a young man who can see “someone’s thoughts” that do not exist before his eyes. He uses his mysterious power to heal… Read More »Side by Side