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Achira ni Iru Oni

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Achira ni Iru Oni (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2022
Release Date Nov 11, 2022
Runtime 139
Distributor Happinet Phantom Studio
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title あちらにいる鬼
English Title The Demon Over There
Theme songs:


Without regard to their respective partners or families, Osanai Miharu (Terajima Shinobu) and Shiraki Atsuro (Toyokawa Etsushi) become close after meeting at a lecture tour. Even as his second child is about to be born, Atsuro continues to see Miharu while still showering praise over wife Shoko’s  (Hirosue Ryoko) home-cooked meals. Despite the uninhibited lying, Miharu is head over heals while Shoko, fully aware of everything, remains unfazed, but as a relationship rife with tension builds between the three of them, Miharu tells Atsuro that she is considering entering priesthood.



  • Suwa Yui as Shiraki Kairi
  • Support Role



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