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Registration Status

We’ve created this page so you can check your Registration Status and if you didn’t receive a rejection/approval email after our weekly approval period.

If your Username is not listed below under Rejected Accounts, it’s safe to say your account was approved and possibly activated already.

Approved? Read the Drama-Otaku Starter Guide and login!

Please also read the FAQs.

Is my account activated?

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  • First make sure you’re logged into the site. (Don’t remember your login, password or email? Go to the next section below.)
  • Can you see the angry emoji below?
  • If yes, your account was activated.
  • If no, your account needs to be approved and/or activated.

What if I don’t remember my login, password or email?

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  1. Visit Discord via the #general channel.
  2. Click and check the pinned messages in the channel
  3. Click JUMP to go to the FORMS > Password Reset
  4. Click on the TICKET button and a pop-up will appear
  5. Fill in the following 3 fields
    • Registered Username
    • Registered Email
    • Registered Favorite Jdrama (that you listed on your registration)
  6. Hit the SUBMIT button
  7. A direct message will be created with yourself and Staff and the following will occur:
    • The details of the ticket will be verified
    • We’ll reset and give you a temp password in the direct message
    • If there’s any issues, we will ask them in the direct message – you have 24 hours to respond
    • Try to login with your Registered Username and the new temp password
    • Confirm with us that everything works within 24 hours, so we can close out the ticket
    • Follow the rules on this Starter Guide and reset your temp password if you’d like
  8. Staff will close out the ticket
  9. If you still have issues after the ticket is closed, repeat step 1 above and file another ticket in Discord

How can I get my social media account approved?
Please review the Social Media Guidelines below:

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Reasons why your account may be rejected:

  • Private credential – we can’t access it, so how can we validate it?
  • Empty credential – how can we validate who you are if the account is empty? This also encompasses a lack of activity and information from the given credential.
  • Insufficient post history – insufficient activity on the account for us to judge
  • Credential not in good standing – bad karma, leech status on torrent sites
  • New credential – account is too new to validate
  • Invalid credential – some people literally put any link, ie. or Inclusive of other other invalid credentials, such as Discord names, emails, usernames without URLs, and typos.
  • Suspicious credential – if your account is filled with random retweets of NFTs and Bitcoin scams, yes, this is suspicious. Anything else that seems “off” is deemed suspicious.
  • Drama-Otaku account exists (duplicate) – an account using the same credential exists already. Please use the original account and do not create multiple accounts. Repeat offenders may be banned.
  • No Validation – instructions to validate your credential were not correctly followed


Rejected Accounts Updated as of March 12th 2024:

700jw: Empty credential
Aaraknid: Empty credential
actuallycupid: Accepted as cupidsbf
AdiManz: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
AhriKitsune: Insufficient post history
ajoyy: Insufficient post history
akira24: Empty credential
ale4: Insufficient post history / RT heavy
All-Things-Cute: Empty credential
AngiKeb: Empty credential
AnneBml: Empty credential
Apachai207: Empty credential / numbered MDL
argama39: Empty credentials
arindandaa: Insufficient post history
arukarudo: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
astroboy5: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
Babby3991: No validation
bebexo: Empty credential
beestyng: No validation
bernard: Insufficient post history / not enough recent activity
blue-august-moon: New account (under 6 months / insufficient activity)
bnjbit: No validation
bokujabu: Empty credential
cassandradewi: Not enough activity / no validation
csulbbtsf: Empty credential
daisytan: Empty credentials / no validation
dearriel: Insufficient post history
drsatosugu: Insufficient activity
eko6000: Insufficient post history
fakeit1299: No validation / RT heavy
futuristicpandabear: Insufficient post history / no validation
fuujin: Same user as above
georgette16: Empty credential
GGrosz: Insufficient post history / not enough recent activity
Gingka8233: Insufficient post history
Girona: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
givengi4nene: Insufficient post history
Gloria: Insufficient post history
goodgal: Insufficient post history / not enough recent activity
groovymutation: No recent activity
haeyuka: Insufficient post history / RT heavy
hafshi: Insufficient post history
HamsterHunter46: Empty credential
Helechoue: Insufficient activity / numbered MDL account
husnan00: Insufficient post history
Italok657: Unreadable link / no validation
jaeyyyyy: Insufficient post history
Jarhead1234: Private / empty credential
JocelynBlossom: Insufficient post history
jowcantcry: Empty credential / not enough activity
jsekaifansub: Suspicious credential
Karola998: Invalid registration (no link)
kasami: Invalid validation link / Empty credential
Kiku194: Insufficient post history
kimonni: No validation / no recent activity
Kinnikuman123: Empty credential
kittyyyy: Empty credential / no validation
kittyyyyy: Same user as above
kittyyyyyyyyy: See above
kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: See above
koostar: Insufficient post history / not enough recent activity
kraven: Empty credential
Kyomochi: Insufficient post history / no validation
kyuxiu: Needs more recent activity
Lalamon: Insufficient post history
leelasan3ra: Not enough recent activity
lightuponlight: No validation
lily0123: Empty credential
lkhlaas: Insufficient post history / no fave drama listed
lkkiekhlaas: Same user as above
lmimi: Account too new / under 6 months old
lolnani: Empty credential
lrysek707: Empty credential
luvlylili: Insufficient post history
lynn88k: Private credential
maarten: Insufficient post history / not enough activity
madalone: No validation
malmaloof: Private credential
marsvirt: Insufficient post history / no validation
matthewle2000: Insufficient post history
megamoon10: No validation
mephimnhat: Insufficient post history
mikachuuu: Insufficient post history
mimiyuna: Insufficient post history / RT heavy
mio12345: Suspicious credential
miramigos: Insufficient post history
misbaidar: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
mochivation: Insufficient post history
Morichimori: Insufficient post history
Mr.Kot.: Insufficient post history
myunho: Empty credential
naeybun: Private credential
neetu: Insufficient post history / new account (under 6 months)
nina: No credential validation
nishi: No link
niuannuan567: Empty credential
ofuujin: New account (under 6 months) / insufficient post history
olivtv: Private credential
orandeither: Insufficient post history
pc3009: Empty credential
pinoino39: No validation
Platypus: Empty credential
Priss17: Insufficient post history
Pulsar: Same user as aaraknid
Puspa35: Insufficient post history
Queenie: Empty credential
QueenieTazaros: Same user as above (dupe)
reilee: Empty credential
rinaadji: Insufficient post history
Saachan: Insufficient post history / not enough recent activity
saigouslostperm: Invalid credential link + no validation
SaikoKnight: Insufficient post history
santhene54: Empty credential
sc2charlie: Empty credential
selene.: Insufficient post history / not enough activity
shiina0599: Empty credential
slayton: Insufficient post history / not enough recent activity
snowchilx: Empty credential
solenoid: No validation
soltype: Insufficient post history
Spanish-racoon: Insufficient post history
SpoiledTofu: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
stherlynn: Empty credential
subhii: New account under 6 months
Sunnyreads1: Insufficient post history / RT heavy
syrena07: Insufficient post history
takenoko: Not enough recent activity / no validation on other credential
Tanakaichiotoko: Empty bio
teclas: Empty credential
theyluvjess: Same user as above
thisissnorlax: No recent activity
tilde163: Empty credential
tokyochristina: Insufficient activity / empty
TripleHeliotrope1640: Insufficient post history / not enough recent activity
txt-member5: Empty credential / numbered MDL
uso91: Straight up porn, gross
venkataSKBK: Private credential
viayxi: No bio
VirtualD: Empty credential / numbered MDL account
W1Z4RDX: Empty credential
walli: RT heavy / insufficient post history
wanguava: Empty credential
wanonionclouds: Insufficient post history / need more original posts
wiseman: Empty credential
xaochoii: Insufficient post history
Xoure: Insufficient post history
yannelle: Empty credential
yanyan022: Empty credential
youkaisharehouse: No bio / no validation
yuria: Insufficient post history / no bio


Past Rejections:

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Rejected Accounts from February 6th, 2024:

1theKevin: Empty credential
2.86E-07: Empty credential
2ohMJ: Insufficient activity
5cmkei: Insufficient activity
Abebeenonon: Insufficient activity
ActualMinamotonoRaikou: Insufficient activity
agami: Insufficient activity
ahsanur: Insufficient activity
ailurous: Duplicate – accepted other account
aina2706: Insufficient activity
ajucheol: Empty credential
Akiraaa13: Insufficient activity
akmly25: Insufficient activity/No validation
akudoduru: Empty credential
alastion: No validation
AldaronSubs: New credential
Alexaaaa: No validation
Amber123: Insufficient activity
ams0430: Insufficient activity
Angelblz: Duplicate – accepted other account
angelbvz: Insufficient activity
anordinarysnowflake: New credential/Insufficient activity
ansflkd: Insufficient activity
anuuu: Insufficient activity
aoslesgo: Insufficient activity
arbeatys: Empty credential
arindandaa: Insufficient activity
Arnoldotheking28: New credential/Insufficient activity
AshimakiM: Insufficient activity
badaiguana: Empty credential
bee4: Insufficient activity
bellestorm: Insufficient activity
Benjamin32: No validation
beombeoming: Insufficient activity
Bewulf: Insufficient activity
bigbangkor: Invalid registration
birdtarts: Empty credential
blueb0m: Empty credential
bobkek: Insufficient activity
bonbonnim: Empty credential
breejeon1997: Empty credential
brsheira: New credential
bruni: Insufficient activity
bt090867: Suspicious credential
bum0713: Invalid registration
byeolumiere: New credential
cafezono: Insufficient activity
castaway: Duplicate
cattoru: New+Empty credential
cdejin: Insufficient activity
Ch0uqette: Insufficient activity
ChaCha: Insufficient activity
Chelebii: Insufficient activity
chuckysliar: Insufficient activity/No validation
CitrusJingga: Empty credential
cjmaratos: Empty credential
ckayz: Insufficient activity
clarita5: No validation
cremepeche: Duplicate
Croug31: Empty credential
Danikim1998: Insufficient activity
daysiccc: Duplicate/Insufficient activity
daysixcc: Duplicate
descrysmaze: Insufficient activity
dilsaff: Insufficient activity
dimitrihwz: Insufficient activity/No validation
dokja9001: Empty credential
dokja91: Empty credential
dondon93: New+Empty credential
Ducky8273: Insufficient activity/No validation
dwikyalfi: Empty credential
ebiae: Insufficient activity
elenameowren: Empty credential
elohim: Empty credential
emerald: Private credential
Emilili: Empty credential
ennesleepyhead: Insufficient activity
eykaborealis: Empty credential
felichu: Empty credential
fikihasanah: No validation
finalvote: Insufficient activity
fliyanar: No validation
franky: Empty credential
fresaesperanza: Empty credential
Genio: Private credential
genkicat: Empty credential
GlFanCook: Insufficient activity
GodUsopp: Insufficient activity
graciellamarcia: Insufficient activity
gummyyum: Empty credential/No validation
hanasbo: Empty credential
haribo: Insufficient activity
haru1004: Empty credential
hoarealackerman: Empty credential
Hoodie: Insufficient activity
IBES: Insufficient activity
icaruszip: Insufficient activity
ilianita: Insufficient activity
indosub: New+Empty credential
irischan18: Insufficient activity
isjaewook: Insufficient activity
itzmaycol: Insufficient activity
izskzy: Insufficient activity
IzzyD: Empty credential
Jaeyyyyy: Suspicious credential
jafulinnn: New+Empty credential
Jan0320: Empty credential
jarochotaku: Insufficient activity
Jennifer2412: Insufficient activity
jetak: Empty credential
jmarcosvc: Empty credential
jodesmx: Empty credential
jojoceinsa: Insufficient activity
jowcantcry: Empty credential
JugglusBlazar23: Empty credential
JYvman: Empty credential
K3NJii: Insufficient activity
Karaage: Insufficient activity
karebear: No validation
karisoso: Empty credential
kaylyngail: No validation
kekgiang: Empty credential
❗❗kevlonewolf239: Subjected DO staff to tentacle porn❗❗
kimonni: Insufficient activity
kimsyaz: Insufficient activity
Kinnikuman123: Empty credential
kittyyyy: Empty credential
kkurapomu: Insufficient activity
kkyaj123: Private credential
kmorgs4: Insufficient activity
komptderwinter: Insufficient activity
kuromichanz: Insufficient activity
kyuxiu: Insufficient activity
lacilicili: Empty credential
Lani: Insufficient activity
lau5157: Duplicate/Invalid credential
ldya: Empty credential
Leungy: Insufficient activity
lillcub: Empty credential/Insufficient activity
lilumy: New+Empty credential
linabby19: Insufficient activity/No validation
linyk: Suspicious credential
Llu90: Insufficient activity
loli5157: Insufficient activity/Duplicate
loribr: Insufficient activity
lovekieta: Private account
lunwoo8: Expired validation
luvanton: Duplicate
luvhob1e: Duplicate
luvwonb1n: Duplicate/Insufficient activity
lychee: Insufficient activity
lylec0re: No validation
mafuyupoop: Duplicate – accepted other account
Maganache: Suspicious credential
maizukki: Insufficient activity
manaal: Insufficient activity
mandarin0ren: Insufficient activity
mariepluvs: Insufficient activity
mariiiw: Empty credential
maroum1: Duplicate
maroumi: Duplicate/Insufficient activity
Mattthecat: Insufficient activity
max1756: Empty credential
maykimae: Empty credential/Duplicate
maykimae04: Duplicate
Mazin: Empty credential
MegaStar: Empty credential
megurodesyo16: Insufficient activity
meimei: Insufficient activity
meteor: Duplicate
meushin: Empty credential/Insufficient activity
mihtan: Empty credential
milo: Empty credential
miltnez: Insufficient activity
Minarifics: Duplicate/Insufficient activity
Minarifics2: Duplicate/Insufficient activity
Minxlevy: Insufficient activity
misha: Insufficient activity
mladen93: No validation
Mr.Kot.: Insufficient activity
MS.RY: Insufficient activity
mskeisha: Insufficient activity
NaaHeeDo: Empty credential
naraxjw: Insufficient activity
narwhal030809: Suspicious credential
nermeen: Empty credential
Neshie: No validation/Insufficient activity
niikkii: Empty credential
nocturne: No validation
noritt: Empty credential
not.lexi: Empty credential
NROK77: Private credential
nuha: Insufficient activity
ohsummerkings: Empty credential
olovisk: Duplicate
Olyvia07: Insufficient activity
orenjifloat: No validation/Insufficient activity
orin123: No validation
owlly61: Empty credential
palghardude: Empty credential
payuraincuteee: Insufficient activity
phelo: Insufficient activity
pinga: Private credential
pjmjms: Empty credential
Popuri: No validation/Duplicate – accepted other account
prettypolly: Empty credential
ProudGeek: Empty credential
ptkgg: Empty credential
punitha: Insufficient activity
pyrrolred: Insufficient activity
Rain: Credential no in good standing
rainbowcandypop: Private credential
Ralrawi2000: No validation/Insufficient activity
rayan: Insufficient activity
rayz89: Empty credential
reilee: Empty credential
reku: Insufficient activity
Reni: Empty credential
rereacchi: Insufficient activity
rilaaa: Insufficient activity
ritesh.taneja: Private credential
rjadee: New+Empty credential
rmsaithng: Insufficient activity/No validation
RosalynnBerg: Empty credential
roseland711: Empty credential
RowTronZ: Insufficient activity/No validation
Runisha: Empty credential
SaffronMilk: Empty credential
shashaoxo: Empty credential/No validation
Sheylarodriguez56: No validation
SHINee2008: Empty credential
shinin: Private credential
shiranai: Empty credential
shrfhfshh: Insufficient activity
siderealism: Insufficient activity
❗❗Skayori: Subjected DO staff to big-boobed anime girls and we had to draw the line when clothes came off❗❗
slvrbl: Duplicate – accepted other account
Solersep: Insufficient activity
Soyinabonina: Private credential
stanser: Insufficient activity
starbearii: Insufficient activity
starlight: No validation/Suspicious credential
STLover2009: Empty credential
Stresslicious: Empty credential
Sundays: Empty credential
sundus: Invalid registration
suriandi.firman: Insufficient activity
sykat: Insufficient activity
Syrena07: Insufficient activity
takuflms: No validation
Tanakaichiotoko: Insufficient activity
Tenten103: Insufficient activity
thatsvero: Insufficient activity
theraintrain1234: Insufficient activity
thisday: Insufficient activity
tilde163: Empty credential
tishahao: Insufficient activity
traumer: Empty credential
truesoul613: Insufficient activity
tzaph: Insufficient activity
uppie92: Insufficient activity
uservid: Insufficient activity
❗❗Vap1: Subjected DO staff to foot fetish with furry alien porn❗❗
viayxi: Empty credential
whoisnitiety: Insufficient activity
WL87: Suspicious credential
xasax19: Empty credential
xinuix: No validation
yakiemo: Insufficient activity
yelyah: New+Empty credential
ynejjr: Insufficient activity
yobaechu: Insufficient activity
yukiarisa93: New credential/No Validation
yukiyotan: Empty credential
yunaly: Insufficient activity
yuniyuuchan: Insufficient activity/No validation
Zouille54: No validation
Zuzu97: Insufficient activity

Rejected Accounts from January 8th, 2024:

elafagaya: Insufficient post history (RTs)
potatorein: Empty credential Empty/broken credential
Suna: Empty credential
cheezuls: Empty credential
danpuyza: No validation
Petal: Empty credential
marikheii: Insufficient post history
floweryspringfield: Insufficient post history
kyoticlr: Private credential
kwerkee: Empty credential
alihkey: Empty credential
mahsuri1284: Empty credential
brynn: Empty credential
Xanacs: Insufficient post history
nocturne: Insufficient post history
milo: Insufficient post history
saumya: No validation
JmoonD61: No validation
vanepen: Insufficient post history (RTs)
thirdsdays: No validation
hamy: Empty/private credential
blaudeviil: Insufficient post history (RTs)
revicezz: Empty credential
awhh: Private credential
Mogett21: Empty credential
Green4: No validation
Krushneurotik: Insufficient post history
miaowmiaowguy: Empty credential
nabee: Insufficient post history (RTs)
Axis: Empty credential
SorrymadeAMistake: Duplicate registration
unedendcactus: Empty credential
kyoyicle: Private credential
krakalai: Insufficient post history
Kinnikuman123: Empty credential
mikachuuu: Empty credential
saribei: Insufficient post history
jaemeelim: No validation
iluvyouminghao: No validation
narieyuu: Insufficient post history
hellpeachess: Empty credential
liz2002: Empty credential
juillet8hinata: Insufficient post history / too inactive
Rissa: Empty credential
harachan: Duplicate registration
haeyuka: Empty credential
lolychan: Duplicate registration
harukaya: Empty credential
Kamikki: Empty credential
Rinrin: Insufficient post history (RTs)
Fsouza006: No validation / Insufficient post history
momolatte: Empty credential
chelebii: Private credential / no validation
melina751: No validation
Ansifee: Insufficient post history
andyboytx: Not all staff can verify due to being blocked
kore: Insufficient post history
graffhuang: Empty / private credential
amanda: Private credential
lolychan: Duplicate registration
Jsekai2018: Too many duplicate registrations
Sweaterpaws97: Insufficient post history
tmkanae: Private credential
Junimaru: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
ZeeG7s: No validation
TAKOCAFE: No validation
mmodic: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
hikarusasae: No validation
nrashh24: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
JsButterflyLily: Empty credential
kinur: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
santhene54: Insufficient post history (+ no verification on the other credential)
blackmochi: Empty credential
geaux: Empty credential / no validation & invalid link on 2nd credential
atfhin: Insufficient post history
riandesu: No validation
kl1209: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
imackulate: No validation
Chicozinn5: No validation / insufficient post history
andrada.ciorogar: Insufficient post history
smilenico: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
aame: Insufficient post history
Fantek: Insufficient post history
misstucki: Empty credential
silktrees: Empty credential
mattermarkus: Insufficient post history
snore: Empty credential
qutershipper: Insufficient post history (RTs)
emoocle: Invalid link
syfyah: Empty credential
jiyumii: Insufficient post history
minnae: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
Sand: Empty credential
KitKat0001: Empty credential
bluelemonade: Empty credential
deedexdee: Empty credential
PrismaRose: Empty credential
ulyssesmoore: Empty credential
Renato: Empty credential / no validation
iiechan: Private credential
xAdax: No link / credential
virtuex555: Empty credential
Cuchupuquita: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
qvynh: Invalid registration
kalake: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
Rhundil: Empty credential
tera1119gb: Invalid validation link
rinjanikita: Empty credential
Rama98-: Invalid link
beestyng: Invalid credential validation
MeariMohamed: Insufficient post history
r00s: Empty credential
redlikeruby: Insufficient post history
jjjoan: Insufficient post history
Akira2208: Insufficient post history
tyamato08: Empty credential
Yase: Private credential / no validation
Ritual: New credential
caguirre9: Empty credential
jaejayy: No fave drama listed / no validation
Ahaana: Empty credential
farhanawesome: No validation
rivaietra: Insufficient post history
cheshireunicorn: Private credential
airasamn: No validation
kurage25: No validation
blckash: Insufficient post history
saya.imnida: Invalid link
ersad: Empty credential
Dawn: No validation
muatatnang: Empty credential
xeroheart: Empty credential
dejana5: No validation
bokujabu: No validation / empty credential
iraqnn: No validation
wishn94: New credential / insufficient post history
smrlozada: Empty credential
cjmaratoos: Empty credential
glenncococo: Empty credential / new credential
mariflavis: Insufficient post history
povox1963: Empty credential / new credential
itznatty: No validation
Sakuraluv: Empty credential
dalbeans: Private credential
luxeyaga: Empty credential / insufficient post history
edwinfuesk: Invalid registration
Karaage: Private credential
Amazon89: Empty credential
pchen01: Empty credential
milkxj: Empty credential / no validation
ryabubaker: Empty credential / insufficient post history
orri: Insufficient post history / new credential
SailorMoon797: No validation
irisdoque: Insufficient post history
shotaro: Empty credential
Alena: No validation
Himi: Insufficient post history / no recent activity
Orijohn: Empty credential
yuga0803: Insufficient post history / no validation
katheee2: Insufficient post history (RTs)
hiddentina: Empty credential / new credential
kavil: Insufficient post history
Paragon: Empty credential
jun34: Private credential
ViperofMino: Insufficient post history
ourdatingsim: Insufficient post history and activity


Rejected Accounts from December 6th, 2023:

kweenju: Insufficient post history (RTs only)
BlueSide Empty credential
giaudon: Insufficient post history (RTs only)
KingSuccy: Insufficient post history (RTs only)
nudfo: Empty credential
gen.del08: Empty credential
sunny.fam: Insufficient post history (RTs only)
mariaaaaa: Instructions not followed; too many RTs
CrimsonSarah1917: Instructions not followed; too many RTs
watchingrn: Private credential
chrislauj: Private credential
haitangyon: Suspicious credential
juliamila: Insufficient post history
BamboohatXL: Insufficient post history
Li114: Insufficient post history
nv097: No validation
faera: No validation
Hatakegon: Credential not in good standing
kaotik4266: Insufficient post history
subhashree: Invalid credential (no link given)
Amzorose: Empty credential
mahsuri1284: Empty credential
orri: No validation
Clumsy: Insufficient post history
ponponmaria: Insufficient post history (RTs only)
giangk: Insufficient post history
donutpls: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
Nazhongmin: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
KSOFan: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
bluspgen: Insufficient post history
aozorahiii: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
mttv: Empty credential
Klinge1Lo Empty credential
ookamiushi: Empty credential
alexkawai: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
sohuvi: Private credential
Shizuki: Empty credential
SaitoAsuka: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
Raptorz96: Insufficient post history
Croug31: Empty credential
bbyxdreamer: Duplicate credential (existing account already)
stevendrell: Suspicious credential
aditiya.pahadi: Insufficient post history
cami: Insufficient post history
blouse: Empty credential
Lena656: Empty credential / no validation
lonewolfBLU: Empty credential
undercoverfly: No validation
andrewray: Empty credential
Nora: Insufficient post history (mainly RTs, and not enough recent activity)
cyberio: Private credential / insufficient post history
himitsu: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
nananana: Invalid credential
hagralyn08: Insufficient post history (mainly RTs, no recent activity)
Dadou: Insufficient post history / no validation (2nd credential)
kainoo: Private credential
animefan: Invalid credential / Empty credential
matchakiwi: Empty credential
emmaskdy: New account
chelly Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
kyomochi032808: Insufficient post history / no validation
0aerina0: Private credential
Perindesu2002: Insufficient post history / new account
Ress: Insufficient post history
virtuex555: Empty credential
dlj149: Insufficient post history
ashiya: Empty credential
Illa: Insufficient post history (not enough recent activity)
Kettu: Empty credential
waad: No validation
Smithis: Insufficient post history
Ritual: Empty credential
seema: No validation
Chocostyle Insufficient post history
blaztest: Insufficient post history
illis04: Empty credential
Toms76etx: Suspicious credential
poliyawb: Private credential
KpopBL: Empty credential
Saab: Empty credential
crimsonblade00: Insufficient post history (mainly RTs) / no validation
getrolfed: Empty credential
husnan00: Private credential / No validation
rizzqun17: Invalid credential
onmiarashi: Insufficient post history (RTs only)
YellYint: Insufficient post history
abidaharaf: Empty credential
Peronia: Empty credential / no validation
Reesa: Duplicate registration (registered twice)
amphari: No validation
haniii: Empty credential
fuzzy167it0: Empty credential
eirenanoyo: Insufficient post history (mainly RTs)
LocusStandi Empty credential
tzsy: Empty credential
meena1: No validation
prrmcyt: Empty credential
Shuji01nov: No validation
jeslynngo: Invalid credential
shinoru: No validation
f4rdiyan: Invalid credential
sjc831: No validation
aohk: Empty credential
tsukuy0mi47: Invalid credential
sofiang1640: Empty credential
LoveLicky: Private credential
shadowofthemoon Empty credential
fabyxpanda: Empty credential
icecreams: Empty credential
ishouldbestudying: Empty credential
iraijo: Insufficient post history
Jay1: Insufficient post history
wutheringhugs: Insufficient post history
mmestrange: Insufficient post history
alckamnd: Insufficient post history
leeyahanaa: Insufficient post history
hnaleeya: Same person as above
pupilurker: Insufficient post history (lack of recent activity)
rmdredd: Insufficient post history
takoyuki: Insufficient post history
hyuk130: Insufficient post history
renashoryo: Insufficient post history (lack of recent activity)
hatdog23: Insufficient post history
calpiss: Insufficient post history (lack of recent activity)
K.16: Insufficient post history
lebbey: Insufficient post history
graciellamarcia: Invalid credential (parody account)
WardaReyhaan: Insufficient post history (RTs only)
tobikags: Insufficient post history


Rejected from November 9th, 2023:

tatielycosta: Private credential
lanhuong140303 Insufficient post history (too many RTs)
KittenHasClaws: Empty credential
jyotastic: No validation
sunnykhasi: Empty credential
intanaya: Insufficient post history
ProfessionalRiceCooker: Empty credential
teclas: Empty credential
gibbyz93: Insufficient post history
celiru: Insufficient post history
Jan0320: Empty credential
namjoon: Empty credential
Dami: Insufficient post history
Sarasv: Insufficient post history
snowchllx: Private credential
dboa: Suspicious credential
butterpopcorncaramel: Invalid & Empty credential
snowchild31133: Duplicate credential / registration
beany: No validation
frappecaramel87: Duplicate credential / registration
Kinnikuman123: Empty credential
taihendesune: Private credential
mephisto72: No validation
cabochon: Empty credential
beaks69: Private credential
cruyffbedroom: Empty credential
hermaionee: Duplicate account
cincodemayo: Empty credential
Velouria: Invalid credential / no validation
mochiorbitukiyo: Insufficient post history
AraceliMasayu: Empty credential
faera: Insufficient post history
harold: Empty / new credential
Paowaret: Insufficient post history
vlad1sme: Insufficient post history
NNA117: Insufficient post history
ferchomzg: Insufficient post history
tasat: Empty credential
Galactic23: Empty credential
nyx799: Empty credential
ang3lsh1: Private credential Insufficient post history
norarsyad: Empty credential
Pronce: Empty credential
Jackbox99999: Insufficient post history / Suspicious credential
Prandkamenrider002: Suspicious credential
trishiamaee13: Duplicate credential / registration
Elenathebean: Empty credential
haiyen: Insufficient post history
Abdirashid: Private credential
vanillabeans: Empty credential
navi: No validation
cihan: Empty credential
BlueSide: Insufficient post history
Artxeditz: No validation
Sheetal: Duplicate registration
Akiko: Private credential
actuallyicy: Empty credential
RickyTea: Empty credential / no validation (existing account already)
wishn94: New account
purrdings: Private credential
StygianBlues: Empty credential
polarbear: Private credential
KillersCrave: Empty credential
chocostyle: No validation
giaudon: No validation
dadou: Insufficient post history
tsineeta: Invalid credential
Amorporloasiaticosubs: Duplicate account / existing account already
anas86: Insufficient post history
MakoharuConnoisseur: Insufficient post history
slipperybeluga: Invalid credential
kawaiikoinwko: Suspicious credential
avariana: Private credential / no validation
marii-chan: Empty credential / account too new
Exodus: Private credential
Mango: Empty credential
drakengarden: Empty credential / account too new
Nazhongmin: Insufficient post history
felixhlin: Insufficient post history
PatsXS: No validation
Ananya50547686: Insufficient post history
Odrs: Insufficient post history
wafha: No validation
Residenttt: No validation
myriel: Empty credential
Galen: Empty credential
unedenedcactus: Empty credential
CoffeeEungbi: Empty credential
DarylJ: Empty credential
n.anamaria000: Insufficient post history
Miyuki: Private credential
mayisyanischanis: Empty credential
milo: Empty credential
WantsMedia: Insufficient post history
aymocachis: Empty credential
gaviolashayne: Multiple credentials / Insufficient post history
Goch: Empty credential
kimoikun: Empty credential
szilag: No validation
MrZife: Empty credential
kretortd: Insufficient post history
hakunahmahtata: Insufficient post history
Lupin3rd: Insufficient post history / no validation
xephon23: Empty credential
NOAH: Empty credential
ceecie: Private credential
CaptainM15: Empty credential
overthrone: Insufficient post history / suspicious credential
iruka: Insufficient post history
JugglusBlazae23: No validation
Mia005: Insufficient post history
narakoi: Insufficient post history / no validation
bunzhanzhan: Insufficient post history
DAKOTA: Insufficient post history
Nemoworld: Insufficient post history
Geki: Insufficient post history
excusemesir613: Insufficient post history
Daemonita0x0: Insufficient post history
donutcoolio: Insufficient post history
ts3latenight: Private credential
gatomon47: No validation
Cata: Insufficient post history
northnor: Insufficient post history
Dami: Duplication application
Rose2023: Private credential
SummerSky1906: Empty credential / no validation
Natsuyuu: Insufficient post history
mercurius98: Insufficient post history
truedark.001: Insufficient post history / not in good standing
trishiamariee: Insufficient post history


Rejected Accounts from August 26th, 2023:

2Cents: Empty credential
2fabTatie: Suspicious / Duplicate credential
5-star-rating: Suspicious credential
acbnyc: Empty credential
aisyahnriman: Private credential
alcyone: Empty credential
Ann1: Empty credential
AnsViewer: Suspicious credential
barleey: Empty credential
benzenephi73: Empty credential
Cazer: Insufficient post history
darthrival: Empty credential
dinaholiveira: Private credential
hannalliem: Empty credential
hufflepuffily: New credential
Kunikuzushi: Suspicious credential
KuZero: Suspicious credential
looloo2552: Private credential
nicole458: Invalid credential
petepg: Suspicious credential
revlo: Suspicious credential
Rinrin: Empty credential
sarahcassalyn: Suspicious credential
setushka: Empty credential
shunekawaoto: Empty credential
sssniperlyfee: Private credential
tamya: Empty credential
teebenji: Suspicious / Duplicate credential
TokyoFire5: Empty credential
treasuredkoala: Empty credential
trioctobre: Private credential
userblank: Private credential
vlaud: Suspicious credential
YMUybPjV: Empty credential


Rejected Accounts From August 13th, 2023:

abigail9711: Private credential
anas1302: Empty credential
Arisu: Private credential
emisuzuki: Empty credential
hcherryh: Private credential
ilovetaerae: Suspicious credential
Jonah: Suspicious credential
Kachimushi: Enoty credential
Kimagure: Suspicious credential
maysaybye: Empty credential
minutensekundar: Empty credential
nika: Inavlid credential
sakuotaku: Invalid credential
SunnyBlue: Credential not in good standing
svetlblx: Invalid credential
thomasdak: Suspicious/Invalid credential
Trunkthzhao: Suspicious credential
vik85es: Empty + New credential
wtfjiyong: Suspicious credential
xdestman: Empty credential

Rejected Accounts from August 6th, 2023:

alilegg: Empty credential
alishaahuja: Invalid credential
AndrewNX7: Suspicious credential
Arellanok: Suspicious credential
Ashyless: Empty credential
awash: Empty credential
bananha: New credential
beochot: Empty credential
Chinook97: Invalid credential
cungju10: Suspicious credential
Gitarfreak: Empty credential
Harachan92: Invalid credential
K.016: Suspicious credential
k1s3k1: Suspicious credential
kaimu: Empty credential
kolimi: Empty + Porn credential
malfoyism: Empty credential
Matxoo: Credential not in good standing
mizzy143: Private credential
moggles: Empty credential
mokemon: New + Empty credential
moonchld: Empty credential
NabilaOkta: Empty credential
piscesian63: Private credential
pokepocky: Private credential
Rishabh: Private credential
sai0825: Suspicious credential
SamPhoenix: Empty credential
saraaaa: Private credential
sbbyoon: Empty credential
stableronaldo7: New + Empty credential
SunnyBlue: New + empty credential
Temka: Suspicious credential
toms76etx: Suspicious credential
ukaa: Suspicious credential
writerist: New + Empty credential
yammyyyyy: New + Empty credential
yanathompson73: Private credential
yanluckxx: New + Empty credential


Rejected Accounts from July 31st, 2023:

abderrahmantbs: Private credential
Amna: Suspicious credential
Antbis: Empty credential
brigi: Invalid credential
chibi: Invalid credential
cikeuchi: Private credential
CikWee: Private credential
Dark.Executioner: Invalid credential
deddew104: Private credential
drigby: Invalid credential
garrylau41: Suspicious credential
grahamy: Empty credential
hassun: New + Empty credential
hjcccompany: Empty credential
ilovetaerae: Private credential
jeineutron: Empty credential
Jesterstear999: Empty credential
juliaaaana: Private credential
kamimie: Empty credential Suspicious credential
KiranHome: Credential not in good standing
Krmetalhero555: Suspicious credential
lalivv: Empty credential
lazulifer: New account
lilao: Private credential
lydia0114: Empty credential
malfoyism: Empty credential
minny: Private credential
moonrock: Empty credential
natsukiarata: Private credential
Nazhongmin: Empty + New credential
ninakawaii: Suspicious credential
quanle97: Private credential
Rikachan7: New credential
Ronin233: Empty credential
ryuyano15: Empty credential
seiya1: Empty credential
spongebob: Private credential
StrawberryShortcake: Suspicious credential
tanneen: Private credential
Taplady2: Invalid credential
torikago00: Suspicious credential
ukaa: Empty credential
varganiki: Empty credential
walkintheshadows: New + Empty credential
Zrya0000: Inavlid credential


Rejected Accounts from July 23rd, 2023:

ALA0: Empty credential
Alex: Invalid credential
anonimguest: Private credential
Ashy: Empty credential
bambyuldal: Private credential
bee2: Duplicate – please speak to staff about accessing your original account
beth832: Empty credential
byulanna: Invalid credential
feverfew: Empty credential
Funmi-Lovina: Empty credential
Gagak: Empty credential
harachan: Invalid credential
hcwhcw: Empty credential
imgaeun: Private credential
itsandy: Empty credential
Jackyfansubberlove23: Duplicate – one account only! This is your third.
joozeon: Suspicious credential
Karth: Invalid credential with a bad attitude doesn’t help, sir.
KikuPad: New credential
liying: Private credential
mheLei: Empty credential
nouzella: Private credential
nurfaezza: Suspicious credential
PandoraSAgenda: Empty credential
periwinkl: Empty credential
pikeeyes: Empty credential
Prandkamenrider002: Invalid credential
PumpCool: Suspicious credential
qsaqpit: New credential
R-chan: New credential
rim0204: Empty credential
rosonnn: Empty credential
SaffronMilk: New + Empty credential
seya: Empty + Suspicious credential
taplady2: Invalid credential
tomdav83: Suspicious credential
tometx76: New + Suspicious credential
Tsubasafansub97: Suspicious credential
Vanhra: New + Empty credential
Viannn: Empty credential
violetcarat21: Empty credential
wes8: Suspicious credential
wnyt: Invalid credential
yaoistarved4u: Invalid credential
yipeeee: Empty credential
zazoe96: New + Empty credential
zephyrine: Private credential
zeya: Invalid credential

Rejected Accounts from July 9th, 2023:

Adele99: Empty credential
amarnaamnai: Empty credential
Amoona97: Suspicious credential
amylee: Invalid credential
AndyBX7: Suspicious + New credential
Aurora04: Empty credential
austinn4160: Empty credential
azulazoid: New + Empty credential
blulight: Duplicate credential
cornflake0554: Empty credential
doriyo: Invalid credential
dotaku9: Empty credential
Drika: Empty credential
drskullmonkey: Invalid credential
elceslilm: Invalid credential
ellesaircon: Empty credential
Errorka: Invalid credential
etikaningtias: Suspicious credential
Faith: Private credential
FireTrash: Suspicious credential
genjikuro: Invalid credential
Hana02: Empty credential
houseling: Private credential
iliketrains: Invalid credential
jonjoe: Suspicious credential
lilola: Invalid credential
Lily.0411: Invalid credential
lovina: Empty credential
rcrskywalker: Empty credential
ririzzti: Empty credential
ryan11: Empty credential
sephuy: Invalid credential
SPD12345: Private credential
stableronaldo7: New + Empty credential
Szokola: Invalid credential
Theo25: Invalid credential
Toms: Empty / Private credential
westernbeef: Empty credential
why3772: Empty credential
wowkise: Suspicious credential
yohane: Invalid credential

Rejected Accounts From June 28th, 2023:

aky724: Private credential
aneura: Empty credential
ANZ02: Empty credential
Asraa: Empty credential
Azie: Invalid credential
bbyebluu: Private credential
bethdoongie: Needs more activity
castrotakio: New + empty credential
cheekycheeku: Empty credential
chewybot: New + empty credential
Deadeye: Invalid credential
Death: Suspicious credential
eggz4fe: Suspicious credential
Eily: Invalid/Suspicious credential
Elasmo: Credential not in good standing
etikaningtias: Empty credential
Fang: Invalid credential
fireezone: New + empty credential
heyhaley: Invalid credential
kazamakimichika: Invalid credential
khanh: Empty credential
larashi: Private credential
LaviaBlue: Empty credential
Lumi: Suspicious credential
marisaedge: New credential
mavee9004: Suspicious credential
mccowie: Private credential
myJecky666: Empty credential
Nanamin9090: Suspicious credential
NaniMo: Suspicious credential
Neen: Suspicious credential
Odelode: Empty credential
sayhihitakemehighhigh: Invalid credential
Shaneyyy: Empty credential
SodomyJonas: Empty credential
stableronaldo7: New credential
starL1ght: Private credential
sxftmin: Empty credential
Syaho: New + empty credential
tama-mama: Need recent activity
tera: Invalid credential
Thoobeany: Empty credential
watcher: Suspicious credential
wolverine77: Empty credential
Wonderfulsisi: Empty credential
Xiayutian: Private credential
yabuki-kun: Empty credential
Zapomniany: Empty credential
Zrya0000: Inavlid/Suspicous credential


Rejected Accounts From June 14th, 2023:

21loveless: Invalid credential
Ak404: Empty credential
AnNaTe80: Empty credential
anyanilam: Empty credential
Asraa: Invalid credential
azu786: New + Empty credential
B.O.B.O.D.D.Y: Empty credential + Duplicate request
BigHeadDog: Invalid credential
Bigzif: Empty credential Invalid credential
Cookie404: Empty credential
diefarbennn: Private credential
ellaakai: Invalid credential
GojoSatoru: New + Empty credential
grass: Private credential
gtoonichi: Empty credential
hahasama: Invalid credential
haileyrsj: Suspicious credential
Harsha: Empty credential
icha: Empty credential
javiericomb: Invalid credential
johannaellice24: Empty credential
junziapeiz: Invalid credential
katherineysr: Invalid + Suspicious credential
keslywow: Private credential
Lazvia01: Empty credential
LeenaaHani: Empty credential
Lina709: Invalid credential
majalazarevic: Empty credential
markazra: Empty credential
MIRZACOOL: Invalid credential
naina1236: New + empty credential
Nibo2023: Suspicious credential
nyo2022: Credential needs original content
powderedbeignet: Invalid credential
procrastination: Empty credential
rahmaherself: Empty credential + Duplicate requests
ratcatcher: Private credential
Rcrskywalker: Private credential
rdango: Empty credential
saintpiccolo: Private credential
SALMA: Empty credential
samenyan: Invalid credential
Sandrec: New + Empty credential
seerat: Empty credential
smohan: Private credential
technicallyfoggyme2: New + Empty credential
thebobness: Empty credential
TheNardDog: Empty credential + Duplicate request
Thoobeany: Empty credential
TripNess: Empty credential
womarch: Empty credential
xXDarkKenjixX: Empty credential
YukiKimura: Invalid credential
Zaido: Invalid + Suspicious credential
Zaidoo: Private + Suspicious credential


Rejected Accounts From June 6th, 2023:

randomctz: Empty credential
wispofwind: Private credential
neuspj: New and empty credential
golabichan: Empty credential
jeineutron: Private credential
chaebbom: Private credential
jagaimo17: Empty credential
tgpastrychef: Empty credential lacking activity
anonymous: New and empty credential
icha: Emptyish credential lacking activity
twicebby: New and empty credential
flamesd1: Invalid credential
itwassupposedtobesad: Emptyish credential lacking activity
jameskuwe Empty credential lacking activity
noneca: Empty credential
resananba763: New credential lacks activity
rensenjyu: Invalid credential
adelaayud: Invalid credential
seriousirius: New credential lacking activity
yaiba: Emptyish credential lacking activity
nanaya: Invalid credential
ishouldbestudying: Empty credential
neen: Private credential
lrs808: Invalid credential
asraa: New credential lacking activity
namakemomo: No credential given
jaydenx87: Suspicious account
omardell73: Suspicious credential
jayztar: Empty credential lacking activity
partmozi: Lacking activity, suspicious activity
yukihime: Lacking activity
hiiragiaki: Empty credential
sasursh: Invalid credential
JojoAlbus: Empty credential
yasuKING: Empty credential
aznlilli: Empty credential lacking activity
mairish12: Invalid credential
paccobillyglenn: Empty credential
cbhwjh: Lacking original activity
Hubs: Invalid credential
pansee: Empty credential
AYAN02: Invalid credential (no URL)
Bug233: Empty credential

Rejected Accounts From May 27th, 2023:

@Ruman50: New credential
Aann: Empty credential
AimanMaaz: Invalid credential
annamlun: New and empty credential
BakeIn: Suspicious credential
bayankunda: Empty credential
benyotoreba: Lacks recent activity / info
bluebird26: Private credential
chaebbom: Private credential
clairebrn04: Suspicious credential
dancedzz: Empty credential
fromyoungk143: Empty credential
hiraicelz: Duplicate request
icha: Empty credential
if2r0uk: Private credential
Ineedhelpplease3838: New and empty credential
jaydenx279: Suspicious credential
Jkan037: Invalid credential
JojoAlbus: Empty credential
jseriesagus: Empty credential
jxlias: New and empty credential
kkeum: Empty credential
Kolod: Empty credential
lalakadabanda: Private credential
LaLoutre: New credential lacking activity
LaniKC: Empty credential
LillyGirl: empty credential
Mal6746: Empty credential
NotAvailable2023: Empty credential
patrick123: Empty credential
pjrhati: Private credential
pwan10: Private credential
Resananba763: Suspicious account
Rhayader: Empty credential
rickylau84: Empty credential
Roach: Empty credential
rockwithyou: Empty credential
rurichan07: Needs recent activity
saga.moon13: Private credential
Sense8: Empty credential
sk8rri: Invalid and suspicious credential
skywithme: Private credential
somasal99: Private credential
TeddyCrazy: Empty credential
TyranodindusRex: New and empty credential
vannah: Invalid credential
vuilachinh1236: Invalid credential


Rejected Accounts From May 16th, 2023:

@numan: New credential
aims28: Private credential
Akaneko9: Empty credential
alli: Invalid credential
andiem: Private credential
Aopleasecall911: Suspicious account
Artemiz: Private credential
babubolabulu: New credential
bakyuuuuuuuun3: Private credential
benyotoreba: Empty credential
brongulus: Empty credential
catalysmic: Invalid credential
Cc.10101: Invalid credential
codegeass: Private credential
crazysvt: Private credential
cresentruby: Private credential
Dailydoseofasneeded: Empty credential
darceth: Invalid credential
dcurt: Empty credential
DenS: Empty credential
Elra: Empty credential
FAHAKA: Needs more original activity
foreverfan: Empty credential
Forkless: Empty credential
icha: Empty credential
iein127321: Empty credential
inchigoya: Private credential
J1M4RY: Private credential
jamilahaliyu: New credential
jan320: New credential
jaycm4: Invalid credential
jayden721: New credential
jkparashi25: DO account already exists
jossleen: Invalid credential
Jpao99: Private credential
k51243104: New credential
kirajohnson: Empty credential
kongkruye: Empty credential
likith: New credential
mahroshkhan2018: Private credential
makiisei: Invalid credential
mugen2727do: Empty credential
muhdsyazwan619: Empty credential
navedrama07: Empty credential
Nour: Needs more info/activity
nyo2022: Needs more activity
puterifarina: Empty credential
realittybites: Private credential
Redsky10: Private credential
Resananba763: New credential
riri: Empty credential
roseerazo: Private credential
roustine: Invalid credential
ryuujiii013: Empty credential
sarah: Private credential
SatoshiNakamoto: Empty and new credential
sm1le: Empty credential
Spicy: Private credential
Sybille: Invalid credential
teaSa20: Needs more activity
trennenbumlinson: Invalid credential
trishielove: Invalid credential
Twinsies: Needs more info/activity
vabthana: Invalid credential
vamong: Suspicious credential
witz: Private credential
Xinkong: Private credential
yabureeee72: Invalid credential
yehyug: Private credential
YinClover: New credential
Yukihime: Needs more activity


Rejected Accounts From May 1st, 2023:

@Annmous: Suspicious credential
AAZ910: Invalid credential
Azwrn: Invalid credential
basamia11: Invalid credential
BunnyDKate: Private credential
chabebebe: Credential lacks info/activity
cherry117: Private account
coralpika: Invalid credential
David7998: Suspicious account
dream: Suspicious credential
faith: Empty credential
GreyJoy: Invalid credential
hameeda: Invalid credential
harikie: Suspicious credential
HELAAAA8: Empty credential
hikari: Invalid credential
Himchan: Empty credential
hotasice: New credential / Lacks info and activity
jiji123456lol: New credential
jjas527: Empty credential
jshin90: Private credential
justordinarychicken: Credential lacks activity
Juumakuu: Credential lacks info/activity
kjgal92824: Empty credential
koora: Credential lacks info/activity
kuls: Invalid credential
kusanagicl: Needs more (and recent) activity
kyotsu: Private credential
lilychouchou: Private credential
lina24: Credential lacks info/activity
maleen: Private credential
Manila@: Invalid credential
mayo: empty credential
mu20tian-yue@2009: Empty credential
naninonuuu: Invalid credential
nhscl: Empty credential
NICKKERR: Empty credential
norabora: New credential
odagiri: Invalid credential
Oshawott: Invalid credential
pjn.92: Empty credential
SoCalGG: Duplicate DO acount
sparklingwinter97: Private credential
stehxx: Private credential
StrayJet: Credential lacks info/activity
tasogare823: Suspicious credential
tiko: Private credential
tuli: Credential lacks info/activity
user555: Empty credential
xeiaxxe: Invalid credential
yhassvhie: Private credential
zuorqn: Private credential

Rejected Accounts from April 25th, 2023:

@latteamore: DO account for this user already exists
Annabel: Needs activity
annarey: Empty credential
arthur: Invalid credential
asukan: Private credential
Chxngu99: Empty credential
circecat: Invalid credential
cloverandwind: Private account
CV79: Invalid credential
Ectoplast: Invalid credential
elinatlr: Empty credential
exile11: Empty credential
farwin: Suspicious credential
haho: Suspicious account
Hiro: Suspicious credential
iLostZoro: Invalid credential
imoen21: Suspicious account
isamuhanaaa: Invalid credential
jacksofemos: Suspicious credential
Jay260601: Private credential
Karl: Private credential
KicapShin: DO account already exists for this user
KiraHysteria: New credential
konkonyoru: Suspicious account – using same credential Urechii
kpboy90: Empty credential
landlady: Suspicious credential
Landyz: Empty credential
liuyuqing: Private credential
marameu: Empty credential
mera: Invalid credential
miraizer: Invalid credential
mkmj: Private credential
neomononoke: Empty credential
Noon: Invalid credential
oboetoke: Suspicious credential
olivejjlix: DO account already exists for this user
sedef10054: Invalid credential
spinalbeam: Private account
tomoe17: Empty credential
unvisible13: Invalid credential
ureChii: Suspicious account – using same credential as konkonyoru
yomi: Private credential

Rejected Accounts From April 18th, 2023:

AkazawaRoku: Suspicious credential
anachavezsubs: Suspicious credential
anas86: Empty credential
autumnleaf: Invalid credential
Birdy: Invalid credential
daiisy: Private credential
doraemon913: Private credential
eelnft: Invalid credential
fortuneteller: Empty credential
intanellea: Empty credential
irsyadz: Invalid credential
JoeYukawa: Invalid credential
Karina: Needs more (and recent) activity
kongkruye: Empty credential
kookygal: Suspicious credential
latawiec: Suspicious credential
latitedappries: Empty credential/Needs more activity
Likith: New credential
lynkynk82: Suspicious credential
liz.net94: Empty credential
Mariposa-star69: Invalid credential
Memo432: Empty credential
nayunhe2909: Invalid credential
nfahadn: Empty credential
Otsukaresama: Private credential
permanentfrown: Suspicious credential
quinncy69: Suspicious credential
ruruzella: Private account
shabda: Invalid credential
smanix: Invalid credential
syafiqahhanafiah: Invalid credential
yorujikai: Private credential
Yuyutaaa: Invalid credential

Rejected Accounts From April 10th, 2023:

Amyyyyyy: Empty credential
Atyaf: Private credential
benko.roberta: Private credential
benthos731: Suspicious credential
beruangsenja: Private credential
bluestars21: Invalid credential
Bruna: Suspicious credential
corndoh: Private credential
dreamawaywith: New credential
emiradi: Private credential
Gamisty: Invalid credential
hilysh00: Empty and New credential
hill666666: pending – same person as hilysh00; need applicable credential to approve.
hilysh00: still pending – same person as above
kitokito: Suspicious credential
lightstars13: Invalid credential
MalS10: Empty and New credential
mama: Invalid credential
Mercedes200: Invalid credential
Miro: Empty and New credential
muskankataria: Invalid credential
Omesvt123: Empty credential
raid: Empty credential
Reese94: Private credential
rfkptr: Empty credential
snowchild3113: Private credential
Vailenc: Invalid credential
waraumi: Invalid credential
yssru: Private and New credential
yueda: Suspicious credential

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