Naruto Hichou Japan Drama

Posted On: 02/02/2019 Last Updated: 05/20/2019

Naruto Hichou

Title (romanized): Naruto Hichou
Native Title: 鳴門秘帖
Country: Japan
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 10
Cast: Yamamoto KojiNono SumikaHayami AkariHakamada YoshihikoTakeda ShinjiWatanabe Dai
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Evasive Subs
Translation: evasive
Timing/Styling: Madoka
Editing: elle

Subtitles formatted specifically for deaf and hard of hearing people (regular English subs of the dialogue+a few additional cues).

No reposting or retranslation without permission. No streaming, hardsubbing, sale, or other redistribution.

Raws available at Nyaa, Anidex, and Aidoru Online.
Special thanks to Ais.

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