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Daifugou Doushin 3

The return of a police investigator who is the grandson of an extremely wealthy merchant but is unskilled at fighting, no good at running, and afraid of the dark.  This time he investigates a gang… Read More »Daifugou Doushin 3

Inugami no Ichizoku

A series of mysterious murders have taken place over Inugami Zaibetsu’s history. Famous detective Kindaichi Kosuke begins to investigate…

Shinsengumi Keppuuroku (2011)

An intense and sorrowful rendering of the lives of Shinsengumi members as they sway the tumultuous era they lived in.


Against the backdrop of the historical Akou Incident, this drama tells the story of a master swordsman, his friendship with a samurai from an opposing clan, and his romance with the daughter of another clan.