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99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi

Drama / 99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi /

99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi (2016)

9 out of 10 (2 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2016
Air Dates Apr 17, 2016 – Jun 19, 2016
Episodes 10
Runtime 54
Timeslot Sunday at 9:00 pm
Network(s) TBS
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 99.9-刑事専門弁護士-
English Title 99.9 Criminal Lawyer
Theme songs:


The conviction rate for criminals in Japan is 99.9%. This drama follows a group of lawyers who take on criminal cases to pursue the truth for the 0.1%. Miyama Hiroto is a poor lawyer who is scouted by Madarame Haruhiko, the head of Madarame Law Firm, one of the biggest law firms among the big 4. He begins to work alongside Sada Atsuhiro, who specializes in civil cases and tends to only have interest in criminal cases which can make him money.



  • Katagiri Jin as Akashi Tatsuya
  • Support Role
  • Miyama's personal paralegal
  • Kishibe Ittoku as Madarame Haruhiko
  • Support Role
  • Managing partner at Madarame Law Firm
  • Watanabe Makiko as Togawa Natsuko
  • Support Role
  • Madarame Law Firm Paralegal
  • Magy as Fujino Hiroki
  • Support Role
  • Madarame Law Firm Paralegal
  • Aoki Munetaka as Marukawa Takahis
  • Support Role
  • Public prosecutor - Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
  • Baba Toru as Ochiai Yohei
  • Support Role
  • Madarame Law Firm corporate lawyer
  • Emi Kurara as Sada Yukiko
  • Support Role
  • Atsuhiro's wife
  • Hata Mei as Sada Kasumi
  • Support Role
  • Atsuhiro's daughter
  • Rekishi as Bando Kenta
  • Support Role
  • Chisun
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 9



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2 Reviews for 99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi

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    May 21, 2023
    IamFish’s review – 99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi
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