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9 Border

Broadcasting date TBA.   A human love story centered around three sisters aged 19, 29, and 39. After the sudden disappearance of their father, the three of them come together to live under one roof,… Read More »9 Border

Wakeari Onna Diary

A comedy depicting the struggles of three women as they work together on a script for a drama; Michiru, a 25 year-old up-and-coming drama producer, Akiko, a 42 year-old veteran director, and Kayo, a timid… Read More »Wakeari Onna Diary


Broadcasting date TBA.   The conviction rate in Japanese criminal trials is said to be 99.9%. Hasegawa Hiroki takes on the role of an “anti-lawyer” who searches for the remaining 0.1% to acquit his client,… Read More »Anti-hero