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Tokai TV

Warau Shukujo

The story begins when Nonomiya, a woman who works at a small consulting company, reunites with her cousin Gamou Michiru. For 17 years, she had been running from Michiru, for whom she shares a dark… Read More »Warau Shukujo

Oi Handsome!!

Centered around 58 year-old Ito Gentaro, who lives with his wife Chizuru and their three daughters Mika, Rika and Yuka.

Oi Handsome Season 2

Season 2 of Oi Handsome depicts the ongoing struggles of stubborn father Gentaro, his wife, and their three daughters.

Edo kara Kita Kira-kun

December 14th in the Genroku era. 47 Ronin raided the Kira residence in Honjo. Kira Yoshinaka (better known as his court title Kozukenosuke) tries to fight back but is eventually pushed into a corner by… Read More »Edo kara Kita Kira-kun