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2030 Kanata no Kazoku

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2030 Kanata no Kazoku (2015)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2015
Air Dates Sep 26, 2015
Episodes 1
Timeslot Saturday at 9:00 pm
Network(s) NHK
Licensed No
Native Title 2030かなたの家族


In Tokyo in the year 2030, 27-year-old Itakura Kakeru lives in a shared apartment. He is suddenly approached by Ogiwara Misae, his housemate three years his senior, about wanting his help to have a child. Kakeru has never even considered having a family before. But as he searches for an answer for Misae, he comes face to face with his parents, grandparents and younger sister who went their separate ways 15 years ago, and starts to consider what family is. And then, Kakeru gives more than a passing thought to the significance of being connected to someone.




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1 Reviews for 2030 Kanata no Kazoku

  • BoMa
    August 29, 2023
    BoMa’s review – 2030 Kanata no Kazoku
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