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Sora Wataru Kyoushitsu

This drama centers on Fujitake Kanae, a science teacher who is assigned to Higashi Shinjuku high school. Despite being seen as a promising researcher, he decided to become a night high school teacher. Those around… Read More »Sora Wataru Kyoushitsu


Broadcasting date TBA. Will be aired in the second half of 2025.   Loosely based on the life of Koizumi Setsu (1868-1932), the wife of Koizumi Yakumo, a Greek-Irish writer. Has been boldly reconstructed and… Read More »Bakebake

Saint☆Oniisan 3

What if Jesus and Buddha were living on Earth in modern times? What if they shared an apartment in Japan?

Saint☆Oniisan 2

Adapted from the manga series by Nakamura Hikaru.