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Ke no Hi no Kekeke

The world in which Katase Amane lives is harsh, noisy and excessively bright. At the school where Amane attends, there is a mandatory rule that students must participate in club activities. For Amane, a high… Read More »Ke no Hi no Kekeke

Kagero no Tsuji SP1

A special aired as a New Year Special for 2009. A story about a gifted swordsman who, after leaving his clan, lives as a ronin in a tenement house in Edo. This time, he goes… Read More »Kagero no Tsuji SP1


Broadcasting date TBA. Will air in early 2025.   The heroine for this Asadora has been announced as Imada Mio. It is loosely based on the life story of Anpanman manga creator Yanase Takashi and… Read More »Anpan


Scheduled to be aired the latter half of 2024. Synopsis to come.

VR Ojisan no Hatsukoi

Broadcasting date TBA.   Adapted from the manga by Violence Tomoko, the story centers on 40 year-old single middle aged man Naoki, who spends his time in the virtual reality gaming world as the avatar… Read More »VR Ojisan no Hatsukoi