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The story tells of the truth behind the murder of an university’s administration director from 3 different perspectives – police detective Hoshino Naoto, the son of an alcoholic father, who is conducting the investigation with… Read More »MALICE

Sweet Moratorium

College student Kashiwagi Kokoro ends up in a love triangle with his current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend. Should he continue a pure relationship with his serious current girlfriend, or go for a stimulating love with his… Read More »Sweet Moratorium

Nihon Touitsu Hokkaidohen

Koichi Nishino (Takkaki Ito), the manager of the Hokkaido branch of Shimotsuka Foods in Osaka is shot by someone! Reiji Himuro (Yasukaze Motomiya) and Yuto Tamura (Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi) travel to Hokkaido and begin investigating the… Read More »Nihon Touitsu Hokkaidohen