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TV Osaka

Chikyuu no Arukikata

A collab drama between the travel guide book “Chikyu no Arukikata” and four celebrities, who visit various places across the four episodes. Each episode will focus on a different actor and destination.

Intercom ga Naru Toki

The intercom rings. When Tanaka Yuka responds, she sees a woman she doesn’t recognize. The woman says she wants to pay back the money she’d borrowed for taxi fare to Yuka’s husband Shinji, who insists… Read More »Intercom ga Naru Toki

Yu Yu Wonderland

Based on a sauna-themed manga-essay by Mankitsu, Tomosaka Rie stars as a manga artist who is told by her younger brother that she doesn’t look too well and should go to a sauna to detox.… Read More »Yu Yu Wonderland