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Neko Kare ~Shounen wo Kau~

Drama / Neko Kare ~Shounen wo Kau~ /

Neko Kare ~Shounen wo Kau~ (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Air Dates Oct 8, 2023 –
Timeslot Sunday at 12:00 am
Network(s) BS TV Tokyo, TV Osaka
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 猫カレ -少年を飼う-
English Title Cat Boyfriend ~Taking in a Stray~
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Morikawa Ai is a 30 year-old single office worker who is dedicated to her job. She lives a lonely life, regularly working overtime and getting home past midnight. One night, she is surprised to come home and discover a 16 year old boy called Nagisa on her doorstep. For some reason, she takes him in, and through her interactions with the aloof and eccentric Nagisa, her daily life slowly changes…





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