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TV Asahi

Sugar Dog Life

A love story interwoven between Sakuraba Isumi, a short baby-faced university student who is a great cook, and Amasawa Kyosuke, a tall, sincere police officer with a natural, easygoing charm. Twenty-year-old Isumi is mistaken for… Read More »Sugar Dog Life

Black Jack (2024)

Tezuka Osamu’s beloved manga, Black Jack, is being remade into another Jdrama, this time starring Issei Takahashi.   Manga synopsis: Many of the tales feature Black Jack undertaking altruistic acts, seldom receiving acknowledgment. He frequently… Read More »Black Jack (2024)

Aoshima-kun wa Ijiwaru

A contractural romance that begins with a small lie. This summer, a handsome and popular yet “romance-averse” tsundere young man and an almost 35-year-old woman who has given up on love embark on an age-gap… Read More »Aoshima-kun wa Ijiwaru

Kao ni Doro wo Nuru

Yuzuhara Miku is a temporary employee who works for a reception desk at a department store. She has low self confidence and worries about what others think of her, but is clueless when it comes… Read More »Kao ni Doro wo Nuru