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Hulu JP

Juukakukan no Satsujin

Six months after Nakamura Seiji, the architect and owner of the Decagonal Building mysteriously died in the main building, seven men and women from the University’s mystery research group visit the uninhabited Tsunojima Island, where… Read More »Juukakukan no Satsujin

Kesenai Watashi

An entertaining revenge drama following Haibara Shoko, an ordinary high school girl who vows revenge after all of her family and friends are taken from her.

Brush Up Life Another Story

Side stories and karaoke sessions with side characters from Brush Up Life. Includes some recaps, but mostly new content.

Mentor Miki Sensei

A Hulu Original story spin-off based off the drama, Sexy Tanaka-san. This focuses more on Takashi Mary-jun’s character and four other characters.