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Chubo no Alice

Broadcasting date TBA.   Yaemori Alice is a chef with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) whose favorite phrase is “Cooking is chemistry.” She’s not good at communicating with people, but has an amazing memory, and holds… Read More »Chubo no Alice

Sensei Sayonara

Broadcasting Date TBA.   Watanabe Shota plays a “dual role” in this romantic drama that takes place in the present day and the past. Tamura Takuro is a 27 year old art teacher working at… Read More »Sensei Sayonara

Tsumetai Tsuki

This love-suspense drama will keep you gripped to the mounting tension between the conniving Kiyoka and the sweet-natured Misaki until the final episode. Kiyoka, a doctor, will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the… Read More »Tsumetai Tsuki

Tonari no Nurse Aid

Broadcasting date TBA.   Based on the latest novel by Chinen Mikito, a best-selling author and active doctor, this is a hospital life entertainment drama. Sakuraba Mio is a nurse aid who has no medical… Read More »Tonari no Nurse Aid