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Tsumetai Tsuki

This love-suspense drama will keep you gripped to the mounting tension between the conniving Kiyoka and the sweet-natured Misaki until the final episode. Kiyoka, a doctor, will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the… Read More »Tsumetai Tsuki

Black Familia

It all began with a leaked video of businessman Saotome Akio’s house party. A week later, Shindo Kazuha’s second daughter Riria dies under suspicious circumstances at her high school, leaving behind a mysterious message. Adding… Read More »Black Familia


Fukura Sachi is a girl with zero luck with money; Asakura Kaori has zero luck with people; while unemployed Ayanami Itsuki has zero luck with work. Three girls with different kinds of unluckiness accidentally meet… Read More »Anrakkigaru!