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Motokare <- RETRY

University student Mitsu has an unexpected reunion with her ex-boyfriend from middle school, Kaede, at her new apartment building. Because of their past in which hurtful things were said to one another, Kaede was the… Read More »Motokare <- RETRY

Kongai Renai ni Nita Mono

Five 35-year-old women with different backgrounds and personalities – a minor celebrity, an ordinary housewife, a single mother whose son is at a rebellious age, a beautiful super elite whom everyone envies and a writer… Read More »Kongai Renai ni Nita Mono


Narita Misao is a rookie employee at a company. She doesn’t like Ichikawa Kazuya, who works in the same department. He is brutally honest when he talks to other people. Nevertheless, an incident leads to… Read More »Liar