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Panic Commercial

Niikura Yasuto (30), a creative director with a burning desire to create stylish commercials, is shooting one for a low malt beer called “Beer Light. The client’s advertising manager, Fujiki, is impressed by Niikura’s plan,… Read More »Panic Commercial

Perfect Propose

Watari Hirokuni (played by Shunya Kaneko), a salaryman, is pressured by his power-harassing boss and overwhelmed by his job, leading him to live sleepless nights. One day, he is suddenly approached by a mysteriously beautiful… Read More »Perfect Propose

Paripi Kanu to Chouhi

It was distributed on the video distribution service “FOD” under the title of “Paripi Kanu & Chouhi”. Also broadcasted on Fuji Television for three consecutive nights starting November 27, 2023. There are three episodes in… Read More »Paripi Kanu to Chouhi

Boku no Te wo Urimasu

Ookuwa Kitaro is a jack-of-all-trades who travels nationwide across the country working part-time jobs in order to repay his debts, while dealing with all kinds of troublesome situations.