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Business Kon ~Suki ni Nattara Rikon Shimasu~

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Drama / Business Kon ~Suki ni Nattara Rikon Shimasu~ /

Business Kon ~Suki ni Nattara Rikon Shimasu~ (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2024
Air Dates May 24, 2024 –
Timeslot Friday at 1:29 am
Network(s) MBS
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ビジネス婚─好きになったら離婚します─
English Title Business Marriage ~If We Fall In Love, We'll Divorce~
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Sayama Miyabi is a talented salesperson working at Celeste Real Estate. After being dumped by her boyfriend on their 6th anniversary, she decides to focus more on her career rather than romance. By chance, she meets Donose Tsukasa, a high-spec company president who is looking for a marriage without emotional attachment. Seeing how Miyabi prioritizes work, he proposes the idea of a business marriage to her. Despite feeling bewildered by the sudden proposal, the two, who share common interests, decide to move in together. The sole condition of this marriage is that if either one of them develops romantic feelings, they must divorce immediately! However, the days leading up to marriage are filled with an ideal lifestyle and continuous excitement… Even if they fall in love, they mustn’t let it be known! What is the fate of this business marriage?





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