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My Strawberry Film

High school sophomores Ryo, Hikaru and Chika are living a seemingly peaceful high school life, while harboring hidden emotions. One day, Hikaru and Chika find an 8mm film in an old storage shed on the… Read More »My Strawberry Film

Cinderella Complex (2024)

Based on the psychological romance thriller webtoon by Inoue Risako, Cinderella Complex is about the affair between a popular married high school teacher and his female high school student. When his wife, another teacher at… Read More »Cinderella Complex (2024)

#Izakaya Shinkansen 2

Salaryman Takamiya Susumu, who works in the internal audit department of an insurance company, has a secret pleasure – indulging in local specialties on the Shinkansen (bullet train) during his business trips. Susumu carefully arranges… Read More »#Izakaya Shinkansen 2

Onegai Meshigamisama

The story centers around Sakura Meme (Asakura Momo), a masked manga artist, who can hear the “voices” of food. As a result she gets hints and ideas for her stories through a variety of dishes… Read More »Onegai Meshigamisama