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Based on the best-selling novel by James Clavell, SHOGUN is set in feudal Japan in the 1600s at the dawn of the Battle of Sekigahara. As the enemy’s siege approaches Lord Yoshii Toranaga, the strongest… Read More »SHOGUN


Set in the fictional Japanese village of Kuge-mura, Gannibal will see police officer Daigo Agawa (played by award-winning actor Yuya Yagira) arrive in the sleepy rural village a broken man. Recovering from a traumatic experience… Read More »Gannibal

Shiko Funjatta!

A new original series produced by Disney+, Shiko Funjatta is set 30 years after the events in the movie. College student Moriyama Ryota (Hayama Shono) has been unable to dedicate himself to anything ever since… Read More »Shiko Funjatta!