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BS Shochiku Tokyu

Idol Shikkaku

Depicts the forbidden romance between an idol and the otaku who has serious feelings for her. The main character is Onodera Mimika, a second year high school student who is the center member of the… Read More »Idol Shikkaku

Camera, Hajimete mo Ii desu ka?

Proper synopsis to come! Ikeda Mito, a high school girl who lives alone in her apartment, is invited by her older neighbor as a model to her photoshoot, introducing her to the world of photography.

Mentsuyu Hitori Meshi

A gourmet-comedy drama about an office lady who finds it troublesome to prepare food properly and so attempts to save time by utilizing mentsuyu (soup base for noodles) in order to make delicious recipes.

Hanjuku Familia

A comedy-gourmet drama which focuses on the daily life of Fudeya Akari, a writer who loves to eat, and her interactions with her niece and nephew.