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Kaso Girei

Two men, facing financial desperation after losing their jobs, decide to start a religion for profit.

Sagi no Ko Tokubetsu-hen

“Sagi no Ko Tokubetsu-hen” is a 20-minute extension of the original “Sagi no Ko” drama produced by NHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station and based on an actual event about a special fraud that involves minors in… Read More »Sagi no Ko Tokubetsu-hen

Yusan no Nyobo

Kitahara Mie, a star in her own right, marries co-star Ishihara Yujiro and retires from acting, assuming the married name of Ishihara Makiko. Makiko supports Yujiro, while also fighting through the hardships of film production,… Read More »Yusan no Nyobo