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Around 40

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Around 40 (2008)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2008
Air Dates Apr 11, 2008 – Jun 20, 2008
Episodes 11
Timeslot Friday
Network(s) TBS
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title アラウンド40
Alternate Title(s) Around 40 ~注文の多いオンナたち~ , Around 40 ~ Chumon no Ooi Onnatachi ~
Theme songs:


Satoko Ogata is a brilliant psychiatrist, 39 and single. She loves her work and has a good social life with her friends, but as she nears 40 her best friend of many years tells her, “If you want children you have to get married soon” prodding her to actively seek “happiness as a woman.” One day, Satoko meets Keitaro Okamura, a man whose devotion to ecology borders on the eccentric. As one of the “around 40 generation” who blazed a trail for the women of today, how will she deal with the situation?



  • Akira as Ogata Tatsuya
  • Support Role
  • Satoko's Brother
  • Sakura (1983) as Ogata Maki
  • Support Role
  • Satoko's Sister-in-Law
  • Kaga Mariko as Ogata Haruko
  • Support Role
  • Satoko's Stepmother
  • Hoshino Ryoko as Uemura Asuka
  • Support Role
  • Nurse in Satoko's clinic
  • Hiei Yosuke as Tajima
  • Support Role
  • Nurse in Satoko's clinic
  • Oba Kumiko as Nakayama Michiko
  • Support Role
  • Nao's Boss
  • Kichise Michiko as Minami Yukari
  • Support Role
  • Chief Editor of Grandeur magazine
  • Kato Masaya as Kanasugi Kazuya
  • Support Role
  • Satoko's ex-boyfriend
  • Takei Akashi as Oizumi Shun
  • Guest Role
  • Boy at hospital
  • Episode(s): 3, 8
  • Oshima Yoko as Fortune Teller
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 3
  • Ayata Toshiki as Arakawa
  • Guest Role
  • Photo Studio Owner
  • Episode(s): 4, 5



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