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Release date TBA! Will be released in 2025.   Based on a novel adaptation by Yoshida Shuuichi.   Yoshizawa Ryo takes on the role of kabuki actor Kikuo, who was born into a yakuza clan… Read More »Kokuhou

GANTZ: Perfect Answer

Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) and Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) are summoned by the mysterious black globe GANTZ. They continue the fight against extraterrestrial beings and, as they continue to battle, they become stronger. They can’t… Read More »GANTZ: Perfect Answer

Grand Maison Tokyo

Follows the journey of Obana Natsuki, a talented Japanese chef, and his team, as they work together to try and create a restaurant worthy of three Michelin stars.