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64 (2016)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2016
Release Date May 7, 2016
Runtime 121
Distributor Toho
Licensed No
Native Title 64 ロクヨン
English Title 64: Part 1
Alternate Title(s) 64 Rokuyon Zenpen
Theme songs:


The kidnapping and murder of a young girl, known as “Rokuyon,” occurred in 1964, just one week into the year. Fourteen years have passed with the case remaining unsolved, and in 2002, the statute of limitations is about to expire. Mikami Yoshinobu, who was once a detective in the Criminal Investigation Department and was also involved in the investigation of the rokuyon, now works as a public relations officer in the Police Department and spends his days worrying about conflicts with the press club and between the Criminal Investigation Department and the Police Department. Then one day, a new kidnapping case, seemingly modeled after Rokyon, occurs.



  • Nahana as Madoka Takagi
  • Support Role



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