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Sawako (Fukunaga Akari) is a young woman with Daddy Issues™️ and a particular hobby: collecting pictures of guys old enough to be her dad. Until now, all the men she’s kept company with have been… Read More »Te

Watashi o Kuitomete

Mitsuko Kuroda is 31-years-old and single. She enjoys her life as a single woman. A big reason why she enjoys her single life is that she has counsellor “A” in her mind, which is her… Read More »Watashi o Kuitomete

Lost Care

Early in the morning of a private home, the dead bodies of an elderly person and director of a nursing home center are discovered, leading public prosecutor Otomo Hidemi (Nagasawa Masami) down a trail of… Read More »Lost Care

Suiyoubi ga Kieta

A young man who suffered a traffic accident when he was younger has seven distinct personalities which reveal themselves according to the day of the week it is. Some of the personalities are aware of… Read More »Suiyoubi ga Kieta