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Doku Musume

Based on a story that spread on anonymous message boards on the Internet in 2011.   A newly-wed family move into a new home. Soon after, while Hagino is out, she receives a distressing call… Read More »Doku Musume

Kessen wa Nichiyobi

Tsutomu Tanimura is a 30-year-old man, living in a provincial city. He works as a private secretary for Shohei Kawashima, who is a member of the House of Representatives and he has strong support from… Read More »Kessen wa Nichiyobi

Hitman Lawyer

Shindo Kai (Araki Hirofumi), hailed as an ace attorney, boasts an unbeatable record of winning countless lawsuits, but there is more than meets the surface. Lurking in the shadows, Kai operates as a vigilante assassin,… Read More »Hitman Lawyer