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Doku Musume

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Doku Musume (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2024
Release Date Apr 5, 2024
Runtime 105
Distributor Klockworx Company
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 毒娘
English Title Poison Girl


Based on a story that spread on anonymous message boards on the Internet in 2011.
A newly-wed family move into a new home. Soon after, while Hagino is out, she receives a distressing call from Moeka, pleading for help. She rushes home, to find a strange girl standing there holding scissors. Moeka’s clothes are torn to shreds. The mysterious girl named “Chi-chan” used to live in this house before, but she was thought to have left town after causing a certain incident. Her appearance exposes the “poison” that the seemingly happy family had been unconsciously hiding, and thus begins the nightmare-like days.



  • Rimi as Tsubaki
  • Support Role



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