Zettai Reido Season 3 Japan Drama

Posted On: 12/17/2018 Last Updated: 05/20/2019

Zettai Reido Season 3

Title (romanized): Zettai Reido Season 3
Native Title: 絶対零度
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10
Cast: Yokoyama YuSawamura IkkiHonda TsubasaEmoto Tokio
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This is Madoka. I’ll be working with Avallac’h to produce the softsubs.

Big thanks to Avallac’h for the original subtitles. I can’t translate; I just did timing, styling, and QC.

A few notes. Some of the lines were really long, and it was difficult to make things fit on screen and in the time allowed. You may have to pause. I kept the English name conventions this time as it would have been a pain to change them all.

Raws at Nyaa, thanks to VampireXxX.


11/08/18: Uploaded Ep 1.
11/15/18: Uploaded Ep 2.
11/22/18: Uploaded Ep 3. Happy Thanksgiving!
11/30/18: Uploaded Ep 4.
12/07/18: Uploaded Ep 5.
12/14/18: Uploaded Ep 6.
12/17/18: Migrated to DO. Added v2 versions.
01/04/19: Uploaded Ep 7.
01/11/19: Uploaded Ep 8. Note: I received some feedback and decided to change the way I deal with double lines. So you will notice the change starting with this episode. I will 
edit the prior episodes to match the styling and release a Final Batch when I'm done with the show as I have also fixed some typos along the way.
01/18/19: Uploaded Ep 9.
01/25/19: Uploaded Ep 10 and Final Versions of earlier episodes. Fixed some typos. Earlier episodes follow later episodes' formatting. Recommended if you plan to keep the series.

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