Suteki na Kakushidori

Suteki na Kakushidori Japan Special

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Native Title: ステキな隠し撮り 〜完全無欠のコンシェルジュ〜
Country: Japan
Season: Fall
Year: 2011
First Air Date: 11/05/2011
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 01

Synopsis: Saijo Mie (Fukatsu Eri) works as a concierge in a hotel. See how she deals with the eccentric guests in the suite room in this Mitani Kouki’s comedy.   The SP was made as a side-project to the “Suteki na Kanashibari – Once in a blue moon” movie also written and directed by Mitani. All of the actors, who appear in this drama can be seen in the movie too.   Don’t miss the extra promotional material right after the credits!


Yamamoto Koji as Shashinka

Namase Katsuhisa as Tousatsuma

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