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Ju-On 2 (Gekijouban)

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Ju-On 2 (Gekijouban) (2003)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2003
Release Date Aug 23, 2003
Runtime 95
Distributor Tokyo Theatres
Licensed No


The vengeful spirits of Kayako and Toshio return to exercise their deadly grudge against any living person who crosses their paths. Four women’s lives are very badly affected due to that encounter.

Driving home one night an actress and her husband hit what they think is a cat. It soon find out that they picked up an extra passenger, the vengeful blue child Toshio, who causes them to crash. The husband is put in intensive care and the wife miscarriage.

But there’s a whole lot worse to come.


  • Horie Kei as Yamashita Noritaka
  • Support Role



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