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Tokyo Theatres

Boku no Ohisama

Set at a skating rink in a rural town, this film is told from the perspectives of three different characters, Takuya, a 14 year old hockey playing boy with a stutter, Sakura, a girl learning… Read More »Boku no Ohisama

Ikoku Nikki

In the winter of her third year of junior high school, Takumi Asa suddenly lost both her parents in a traffic accident. During the funeral, she found herself being shunned by relatives who insensitively discussed… Read More »Ikoku Nikki

Ai ni Inazuma

Hanako (26) is about to make her debut as a film director, which is her childhood dream. She also has a fateful encounter with Masao, and her life finally feels fruitful. A producer then tricks… Read More »Ai ni Inazuma

Ju-On 2 (Gekijouban)

The vengeful spirits of Kayako and Toshio return to exercise their deadly grudge against any living person who crosses their paths. Four women’s lives are very badly affected due to that encounter. Driving home one… Read More »Ju-On 2 (Gekijouban)

Ju-On (Gekijouban)

Volunteer social worker Rika stumbles across the curse when she finds an almost catatonic old woman in a shambles of a home, a spooky little boy with a froggy voice and a veritable black hole… Read More »Ju-On (Gekijouban)