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Ikoku Nikki

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Ikoku Nikki (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2024
Release Date Jun 7, 2024
Distributor Showgate, Tokyo Theatres
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Licensed No
Native Title 違国日記
English Title World's Apart


In the winter of her third year of junior high school, Takumi Asa suddenly lost both her parents in a traffic accident. During the funeral, she found herself being shunned by relatives who insensitively discussed her not being the biological child of her adoptive parents. Feeling sorry for Asa’s situation, her aunt, Kodai Makio, decides to take her in. Makio is a 35 year old novelist who is shy and awkward around other people. While she struggles to acclimatise to her new roommate, Asa attempts to get used to an adult who never acts like one. Despite grappling with emotions that are difficult to understand, they face each other with honesty, gradually forming an irreplaceable bond.



  • Kaho as Daigo Nana
  • Support Role



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