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Chihiro-san (2023)

8.5 stars 4 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Feb 23, 2023
Runtime 131
Distributor Asmik Ace Entertainment, Netflix
Official Site
Licensed Yes
Licensor Link
Native Title ちひろさん
English Title Call Me Chihiro
Theme songs:
  • "愛の太陽" by Quruli (main)


Chihiro (Arimura Kasumi) drifts into a seaside town, drawn to the charm of a small shop called Nokonoko Bento where she begins working. Not one to sweat the small stuff, she’s full of casual banter and doesn’t hide her past as a prostitute. With days spent lightly and to her heart’s content, she unwittingly finds herself surrounded by others facing difficulties – a girl living in accordance to others, be at home or school; a boy who struggles to communicate and resorts to violence; and a young man trying to restrain an explosive temper while worrying over the history with his father.

If you meet her, the world changes, and those affected by her influence come to admire her, but…



  • Van as Basil
  • Support Role



Theme Song 1

Theme Song 2

  • Quruli
  • "愛の太陽" (Main)

Theme Song 3

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4 Reviews for Chihiro-san

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    April 8, 2023
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    April 11, 2023
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