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Baby Walküre 2

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Baby Walküre 2 (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Mar 24, 2023
Runtime 101
Distributor Shibuya Production
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ベイビーわるきゅーれ 2ベイビー
English Title Baby Assassins 2
Alternate Title(s) Baby Valkyrie 2
Theme songs:


Skilled assassins Chisato (Takaishi Akari) and Mahiro (Izawa Saori) are at a loss again. From gym memberships to insurance plans, the world is money, money, money – and they’ve got none. During the same time, brothers Makoto (Hamada Tatsuomi) and Yuri (Iwanaga Joey) – part-timers from the Assassination Association – are dealing with their own set of problems. Forced to go without pay due to a command error, they also don’t feel satisfied in their lives since they’re not full-time employees. The world is money, money, money, and they want some. After hearing a rumor one can be promoted to regular crew by snatching Chisato’s and Mahiro’s posts, they put a plan into action…

Getting dragged into bank robberies and having to work part-time in costume, the girls are having it rough, but they better be on their toes because Super Duo Makoto and Yuri are closing in!



  • Abe Oto as Mukai Sakura
  • Support Role



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