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Shibuya Production

Baby Walküre

Baby Walküre (Baby Valkyrie), otherwise known as Baby Assassins, is film a set from director and screenwriter Sakamoto Yugo, starring Takaishi Akari and Saori in the lead roles – two young hitwomen, Chisato and Mahiro,… Read More »Baby Walküre

Baby Walküre 2

Skilled assassins Chisato (Takaishi Akari) and Mahiro (Izawa Saori) are at a loss again. From gym memberships to insurance plans, the world is money, money, money – and they’ve got none. During the same time,… Read More »Baby Walküre 2

Baby Walküre

Mahiro (Izawa Saori) and Chisato (Takaishi Akari) are two high school girls about to graduate. In addition, they are both a very high skilled assassins working for a secret organization. While they have no issue… Read More »Baby Walküre

Ichiban Aitai Hito

At the age of 11, Kaede is diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and plunges head-first into a long, bitter fight toward recovery. The treatment is rigorous, but for Kaede, her emotional support rests in the… Read More »Ichiban Aitai Hito

Ikitete Gomenasai

Although Sonoda Shuichi (Kuroba Mario) works in the editorial department of a publishing company, he dreams of becoming a novelist. Not ready to move on from that aspiration, he begins to grow increasingly agitated as… Read More »Ikitete Gomenasai