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Ichiban Aitai Hito

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Ichiban Aitai Hito (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Feb 24, 2023
Runtime 106
Distributor Shibuya Production
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title いちばん逢いたいひと
Theme songs:


At the age of 11, Kaede is diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and plunges head-first into a long, bitter fight toward recovery. The treatment is rigorous, but for Kaede, her emotional support rests in the bed next to hers—Yoshi, who is fighting the same battle. At the same time, IT business owner Yanai Kengo (Miura Koichi) has lost his daughter to leukemia and feels the weight of having prioritized his work. With his daughter gone and his family on the brink of collapsing, becoming a bone marrow donor is now the only thing he can take pride in. As she tries to overcome an insurmountable grief of her own, the now-recovered Kaede (Kuranoo Narumi) sets out to find the donor who saved her life…





Theme Song 1

  • Yamamoto Masaya
  • "Aoiro no Koukai ~Kimi e Sasageru Ouenka~" (Main)
  • "青色の航海~君へ捧げる応援歌~"

Theme Song 2

Theme Song 3

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