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Teio no Nagai Kyujitsu

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Drama / Teio no Nagai Kyujitsu /

Teio no Nagai Kyujitsu (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2023
Air Dates Jun 3, 2023 – Jul 22, 2023
Episodes 8
Runtime 55
Timeslot Saturday at 11:40 pm
Network(s) Fuji TV, Tokai TV
Licensed No
Native Title テイオーの長い休日
English Title Teio's Long Holiday
Theme songs:


Atsumori Daigoro (Funakoshi Eiichiro), the former king of two-hour suspense dramas, is in the midst of a long break. In fact, he disappeared has not had work for more than a year after the production of such two-hour dramas ended. Atsumori passes his days leisurely at home in the company of his assistant, the unpopular actor Hagiwara Takumi (Imai Yuki) although Kido Taiichi (Kiba Katsumi), the CEO of his agency Oripro, wishes that he has a greater sense of urgency. Meanwhile, Yoshida Yukari (Toda Naho), a single mother of three children and also former manager at a major talent agency who was forced out of the industry as a result of certain circumstances, is made to manage Atsumori. However, she is at his mercy because this man is quite bigoted. Atsumori takes an interest in a suspicious fire that occurred at the Western restaurant that Yukari’s late husband left behind, and shows up dressed as the main character of his signature dramas. Even though Atsumori and Yukari are frequently at loggerheads, they begin to make their comeback.



  • Suwa Taro as Higashiyama Tsunezo
  • Support Role



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