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Sayonara no Mukougawa

Drama / Sayonara no Mukougawa /

Sayonara no Mukougawa (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2022
Air Dates Sep 22, 2022 – Oct 20, 2022
Episodes 4
Network(s) NTV, YTV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title さよならの向う側
English Title The Other Side of Goodbye
Alternate Title(s) Goodbye My Dear


“Who is the last person you want to see?”  

This heartwarming 4 part series is about a “guide” (played by Kamikawa Takaya) who accompanies the recently deceased as they pass between one world to the next on “the other side of goodbye”. Upon a person’s death, they are then given one last day to reunite with one person they wish to spend their last 24 hours with. A heartfelt human drama that will make you want to convey your feelings to your loved ones tomorrow.

Based on the novel by Haruki Shimizu.





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