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Rabbit House

Hikari o Oikakete

Following his parents’ divorce, second-year student Akira (Nakagawa Tsubasa) moved to his father’s countryside hometown where he struggles to fit in at his new school. His only solace becomes Maki (Nagasawa Itsuki), a fellow student… Read More »Hikari o Oikakete

Truth: Kashiki Tomurai no Hate

After a man’s untimely death, three women duke it out after realizing they had all been dating the same guy before finally arriving at the “truth” about men.

Jyoshidaikoji no Meitantei

Jyoshidaikoji no Meitantei, adapted from Hata Takehiko’s novel of the same name, is suspected to release in 2023 and stars Motokariya Yuika in the lead role.

Sanpo Jikan~Sonohi o Machinagara~

The coronavirus pandemic caused an abrupt shift in lifestyle for most, forcing society to a crawl as people faced a new reality in which we could no longer do as we’ve been accustomed to. Sanpo Jikan depicts the lives of an ensemble cast, ranging from teens to forties—each one grappling with their individual struggles. But on the night of November 17th, 2020, as the Leonid meteor shower rains down the sky approaching its peak, everyone bound to conflicts and connections will try to take a step forward…

Oni ga Warau

It was a crime committed for loved ones. A stout drama about a man at an impasse. Kazuma kills his father in order to protect his mother and younger sister from violence. He begins life… Read More »Oni ga Warau