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Voice – 110 Kinkyuu Shireishitsu 2: Last Call SP

Special / Voice – 110 Kinkyuu Shireishitsu 2: Last Call SP /

Voice – 110 Kinkyuu Shireishitsu 2: Last Call SP (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2021
Air Dates Sep 25, 2021
Episodes 1
Network(s) Hulu JP
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ボイスII 110緊急指令室 Last Call
English Title Voice - 110 Emergency Control Room 2: Last Call SP


Taking place right before the events of Season 2, Toru finds himself walking around Yokohama after submitting his resignation. With the plan of leaving Yokohama in a few days, Toru stops by his usual pub to say goodbye to the owner, Shizu. While there, Yuji confronts him by asking if he really wants to run away, but Toru just replies that he’s not meant to be in the police force. As Toru turns away to leave the pub, Jojima—a delivery man—suddenly appears and is acting suspiciously. Toru feels something is strange and as he moves, Jojima yells out only to reveal a bomb wrapped under his clothes!



  • YOU as Morishita Shizu
  • Lead Role



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