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Uso Kara Hajimaru Koi

Special / Uso Kara Hajimaru Koi /

Uso Kara Hajimaru Koi (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2021
Air Dates Jun 27, 2021
Episodes 1
Network(s) NTV
Licensed Yes
Licensor Link(s)
Native Title から始まる恋
English Title Love that Begins with Lies
Alternate Title(s) Lying Lovers
Theme songs:


“Lies” are inevitable in the games of love. The drama shows the love stories of 2 men and 2 women who “lied” for some reason. Feeling happy or crying because of a lie… Sometimes getting tricked and sometimes pretending to get tricked…”Games of love” are just like a “werewolf game”. A woman who begins to lose trust in love starting with a “lie” and a man who is unable to start a relationship without “lying” to himself… How will their relationship develop under such controversy…?! In an era where people find it hard to start a new relationship, this new kind of love comedy will show you a real love relationship starting with a lie in a unique way!





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