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SPEC Saga Reimei-hen: Knocking on Reisen’s SPEC Door

Special / SPEC Saga Reimei-hen: Knocking on Reisen’s SPEC Door /

SPEC Saga Reimei-hen: Knocking on Reisen’s SPEC Door (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2021
Air Dates Feb 18, 2021 – Mar 18, 2021
Episodes 5
Runtime 30
Timeslot Thursday
Network(s) Paravi, TBS
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title SPECサーガ黎明篇: Knockin’on 冷泉’s SPEC Door


Suzuki Toshiaki sells fraudulent health foods for the elderly door-to-door. While helping an old man who is about to be hit by a car, he ends up hitting his head and then hits it again sometime later. He hits his head a third time when he is attacked by a thug. The SPEC finally wakes up.


Suzuki, who has become able to see the future, abuses his ability to make a lot of money from horse racing, lottery tickets, and illegal casinos. Suzuki, sees a bleak future approaching Misato, a woman he likes, and uses the money without hesitation to protect Misato. However, Misato also has a secret…


On the other hand, there are forces trying to use SPEC. A mysterious entity that moves even nations that have noticed the existence of SPEC has begun to employ people with SPEC, including Suzuki. One of them is Kido Aki, the younger sister of Kido Ayo, the general affairs officer of the First Investigative Division, and a member of the public security special operation team “SWEEP”.







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