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Shukatsuya (2020)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2020
Air Dates Feb 26, 2020
Episodes 1
Network(s) NHK
Licensed Yes
Licensor Link(s)
Native Title シューカツ屋


Rukawa Minori works for Fukui University’s accounting division. Although she has been scarred by the breakup with her boyfriend since her university days, she is busy hunting for a husband. Minori has unexpectedly transferred to the Job Search Support Office and her daily life changes drastically. At the Job Search Support Office, she meets an unconventional team of professionals providing job search assistance, led by Kano Hitoshi who is nicknamed Shukatsuya. Their policy is to leave no one behind and they keep on assisting students who have not been able to get any informal job offers to the extent of being meddlesome. They discover aptitude through counseling and even organize bus tours to match the students with companies. If any student receives an informal job offer, they enthusiastically celebrate with a decorative banner dropped from the ceiling. Although Minori is turned off by this workplace, she is prodded by Kano and eventually gets immersed in supporting the students. Her biggest hurdle is Ueda Naonari, a student who has given up on looking for a job. In the course of Minori’s struggle to search for a way of life that is just like him, she also begins to re-examine her own lifestyle and goes on a huge offensive.





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