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Sagi no Ko Tokubetsu-hen

Special / Sagi no Ko Tokubetsu-hen /

Sagi no Ko Tokubetsu-hen (2019)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2019
Air Dates May 18, 2019
Episodes 1
Runtime 110
Timeslot Saturday at 11:45 pm
Network(s) BS NHK
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 詐欺の子 特別編
English Title Child of Fraud - Special Edition
Alternate Title(s) Fraud's Child - Special Edition, Fraudulent Child - Special Edition
Theme songs:


“Sagi no Ko Tokubetsu-hen” is a 20-minute extension of the original “Sagi no Ko” drama produced by NHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station and based on an actual event about a special fraud that involves minors in Aichi Prefecture. This special drama won the 56th Galaxy Awards Television Encouragement Award, the 45th Broadcasting Culture Foundation Award for Best TV Drama Programme, and the 2019 Tokyo Drama Award for Single Drama Award.


The following is the synopsis of the drama quoted from NHK public relations material: Mitsuyo (Kaori Momoi), who lives alone, cooperates with the police in a sting operation and contributes to the arrest of 14-year-old “receiver” Kazuto (Aoi Watanabe). Kazuto’s interrogation proceeds, and “watchman” Toyama (Nagamura Koki) is also arrested. Daisuke (Aoi Nakamura), a “kakeko”, goes to court to observe the proceedings. Then Mitsuyo appears as a witness. Mitsuyo had previously been a victim of a phone scam herself. As Daisuke listens to Mitsuyo’s testimony, he learns that not only money but also family ties and lives were taken away from him due to fraud he committed in the past. There, he learns about the actual situation of the suffering victims.



  • Nakamura Aoi as Kagawa Daisuke
  • Lead Role
  • Leader of "Kakeko"
  • Osamura Koki as Tooyama Motohiro
  • Support Role
  • "Transportation/Watchman"
  • Sakai Maki as Kagawa Harumi
  • Support Role
  • Daisuke's mother
  • Issey Ogata as Kawakita Kouichi
  • Support Role
  • Toyama's public defender
  • Okuda Yohei as Manabu Itakura
  • Support Role
  • A lawyer for a fraud group.
  • Momoi Kaori as Oyamada Mitsuyo
  • Support Role
  • Fraud victim



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