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Reset – Hontou no Shiawase no Mitsuke Kata

Special / Reset – Hontou no Shiawase no Mitsuke Kata /

Reset – Hontou no Shiawase no Mitsuke Kata (2012)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2012
Air Dates Sep 30, 2012
Episodes 1
Network(s) TBS
Licensed No
Native Title リセット~本当のしあわせの見つけ方~
English Title Reset ~ The real way to discover happiness


Tomoko is a 40 something year old housewife, bored with her life. Hiroyuki is her husband. They first dated when they were in high school. One day, Tomoko sees popular idol Shion on TV. She is surprised, because Shion looks exactly like her former classmate Jun. Suddenly, Tomoko makes phone call to her former classmate Harumi. Harumi works at a bar and she barely manages to make ends meet. If she could do anything over, Harumi wishes to marry a rich man. Kaoru, who is a former classmate of Tomoko and Harumi, manages Shion. Kaoru is a single and lives with her mother. Tomoko then gets a phone call from Jun and she is invited by him to meet at the coffee shop “Time.” At the coffee shop, Tomoko also meets Kaoru and Harumi. They were all invited there by Shion. Shion then tells the women that he is Jun and he never ages. He offers to take the women back to when they were 17-years-old.





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