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Our Summer: River Side Family

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Our Summer: River Side Family (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2021
Air Dates Sep 12, 2021
Episodes 1
Network(s) Tokai TV
Licensed No
Native Title 我が家の夏~リバー・サイド・ファミリー~
English Title Wagaya no Natsu: River Side Family


The setting is Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. While it has the face of a world-leading manufacturing center, forests occupy about 70% of the city area, and it has diverse faces, such as the Yahagi River flowing from the mountainous areas of the city to the urban area.

The main character, Akari Otsu (22), is a fourth-year university student living in Tokyo. In order to report the job offer that she finally received after interviewing with 28 companies, she returns home with a smile on her face to Toyota City, where her parents’ home is located. But as soon as she arrives at her parents’ house, she receives the news of the cancellation of her job offer. As if to fold up further, her grandmother’s dementia and a sudden proposal, and other unexpected events occurred one after another.





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