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Kagero no Tsuji SP1

Special / Kagero no Tsuji SP1 /

Kagero no Tsuji SP1 (2009)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2009
Air Dates Jan 3, 2009
Episodes 1
Runtime 87
Network(s) NHK
Native Title 陽炎の辻 SP
English Title Crossing of Heat Haze
Alternate Title(s) Crossing of Heat Haze, Kagerō no Tsuji: Inemuri Iwane Edo Zōshi


A special aired as a New Year Special for 2009.

A story about a gifted swordsman who, after leaving his clan, lives as a ronin in a tenement house in Edo. This time, he goes with his friends to Atami, in order to guard Imazuya’s business trip. Imazuya was asked to lend money to a clan responsible for reparation of a stonewall. To checkup on quarries, Imazuya set a trip to Atami. Together with Iwane, Takemura, Shinagawa, O-Kon and a woman resembling his late wife.
Will it be a pleasant trip? Or, will they meet some danger on their way?




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